Resin Transfer Moulding


Resin Transfer Moulding

Utilising the process of Resin Transfer or RTM Moulding entails a Closed Mould process offering ‘A’ and ‘B’ surface detail to composite fibreglass components.

Infusion of a multitude of thermoset Resin systems can be combined with a variety of reinforcement materials when processing to match the required physical characteristics and properties with those expected of the part in it’s specific application.

Often used in structural applications with the options of:

  • Foam Core inserts.
  • threaded inserts
  • tapping strips
  • additional local reinforcement options

Our on site facilities feature Megajet RTM Sprint machines for use with overhead gantry crane or our 300t production press.

Moulding process fully supported with project management and tool making whether from resin tooling requiring patternmaking expertise or aluminium tooling CNC cut from CAD data or foundry cast.

Resin tooling: low-medium volume production.

Aluminium tooling: medium to high volume production.

For RTM Light Resin Transfer Moulding Lite please follow our link

RTM and Resin Injection Moulding production cycles can also be complemented with our sub assembly facility for value added operations and delivery of ready to fit units in assembly line scenarios.

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