RTM Lite / Resin Transfer Moulding Light


RTM Lite / Resin Transfer Moulding Light

RTM Lite or Resin Transfer Moulding Light, (Presto Vac system as most commonly referred to in-house) is a process partly developed by our engineers over many years, which can prove the ideal solution to many GRP problems.  Where both ‘A’ and ‘B’ surface detail is required along with other features usually associated with RTM but high tooling costs are unjustified then our system offers the ideal solution.

Using resin transfer moulding light with closed mould tooling this means significantly reduced unit cost by deskilling the lamination process and increasing the cycle time.

Tooling costs for RTM Lite are more on par with GRP Hand lay up tooling than Resin Transfer Moulding and the benefits of this system such as controlled wall thickness for fine tolerances/ mating of parts and a component that has an ‘A’ class visual gel coat finish on both sides is ideal in suiting many applications.

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