Glass Reinforced Plastic


The KCR Hand Lamination Process

  • Our skilled Glass reinforced plastic laminators have an average of 19 years experience in the Fibreglass Industry, which is essential in ensuring we deliver composite components of the quality and integrity our Customers have come to expect.
  • If your application requires glass fibre reinforced plastic mouldings of the highest standard then we can deliver to these standards.
  • The craftsmanship involved is of the highest order; with use of Resins from basic Polyester to Epoxy’s, developed over many years, in thousands of varying applications, by our work force.
  • Lay-up techniques often feature the addition of Fasteners, Foam Cores and Inserts right through to Marine Ply’s, the use of Technical Fibres and Complex Fabricated Assemblies.
  • Once demoulded, the components are trimmed in our Booths, where the Trimming Operatives have on average 11 years experience ensuring the final component is of a quality second to none.

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