Case Study


KCR Margine Production
KCR Marine, the concept-to-production specialists have helped global car manufacturers Honda improve efficiency in their Swindon factory by developing a new lightweight pallet for transporting car seats around the production area.

The pallet is a resin transfer moulding, a highly adaptable area of polymer technology that can be used across a range of plastic parts and industries. The standard base of the pallet has injection moulded cup locators tailoring the application to the product and enabling a variety of seats to be mounted on one common pallet.

Its heavy duty construction of 9mm thick toughened resin enables the pallet to withstand the harsh environment of a car production line and can carry up to 750kg without problem. However it is over 25kg lighter than other seat logistics solutions due to foam core inserts that not only reduce weight but also give the pallet extra rigidity.  This reduces health and safety handling issues and minimises load weight.

Seats are secured in place on the pallet with single action locking pins and inertia reel seatbelts for added load stability.  Steel inserts are over moulded in to the pallet for auxiliary attachments.

Each pallet has an individual bar coding or numbering system to aid tracking and line synchronisation as well as magnetic sensor inserts to match track trigger or location points on the automated system.

The hard wearing polyurethane anti-slip base coating gives excellent grip to the track rollers so eliminating skid, while the high gloss top of the pallet which is visible even when loaded is available in a choice of colours to match the required corporate identity.

The pallet is also fitted with a robust stacking pin, so when not in use it can be easily stored or loaded for return to seating plant.

“We’ve used more than 2000 of these seat pallets on our production lines for the Honda Civic, Accord, Integra and CRV, so far” said Brian Morgan (Production Director) at Honda UK.  “Their key benefits for us are versatility – one pallet fits all seats! – the light weight which makes them manoeuvrable and easy to handle in the production line environment and cost – they are more competitively priced and longer lasting than anything comparable, currently available to us.”

For more information about KCR, resin transfer moulding and the company’s other composite moulding capabilities, call 0121 552 8986.

RTM- Resin Transfer Molding

  • Standard base with injection molded cup locators, tailoring the application to the product and enabling a variety of seats to be used on one common pallet.
  • Heavy-duty rugged construction for hardwearing harsh environment applications.
  • Carries up to 750kg without fracture.
  • Lightweight pallet that’s over 25kg lighter than other seat logistic solutions, reducing health and safety handling issues and minimizing load weight.
  • High gloss visual part available in a range of colors to suit corporate image.
  • Locking pins with ergonomic handle for seat lock down, operated with one simple action.
  • Individual bar coding or numbering system aiding tracking and line synchronization.
  • Magnetic sensor inserts for track trigger/ location points on automated system.
  • 9mm thick toughened resin with dual layer 400g combination matt giving added strength.
  • Foam core inserts add a significant amount of rigidity to the pallet without incurring a weight penalty.
  • Steel inserts over molded in tool for peripheral/auxiliary attachments.
  • Hard wearing polyurethane anti-slip base coating giving excellent grip to the track rollers and eliminating skid.
  • Robust stacking pin aiding operator loading, storage and return to manufacturer.
  • Inertia reel seatbelt for added load stability. (Passes over load and locks onto adjacent pin).
  • RTM technology can be adapted to suit other logistical applications for a wide variety of parts and industries.